A Typical Atypical Day

​My days vary so much – depending on where I am in a book and whether I’m teaching or have social plans – but here is today’s schedule! Of course, schedules are like deadlines, right? They make excellent whooshing sounds as they go by? (Just kidding. I make my deadlines.)

11am: The Playwright wakes me up

11am: The Playwright’s already at the neighborhood coffee shop writing like a good writer. My alarm goes off. I only went to sleep at 6, and since it’s NINETY DEGREES in DC today, I slept with the window open, which means it sounded like the corner bus stop was right next to my bed. Consequently, I am SO. TIRED.

11am-12pm: Check email, twitter, Facebook.

11:30am: The Playwright wakes me up again (I do not do mornings well)

11:30am-12:30pm: internets! Check email & respond to anything that only requires a quick response, check twitter, check Facebook, read blogs
12pm: The Playwright comes home & urges me to go back to sleep.

12:30-1pm: Tear myself away from internets (sometimes this doesn’t happen until 1:30, yikes!); shower and make self presentable for a day in which I am leaving the house (this means no yoga pants)

1-2pm: eat a sandwich while watching The Young & the Restless & putting together swag packs for giveaway and repainting my nails (I just joined Julep Maven & got a bunch of fun polishes!) and emailing two booksellers possible upcoming June events
2pm: Wake up. Realize I still want to do ALL THE THINGS before class. Curse a bit.

2-3:30pm: Shower. Give up on notion of wearing cute dress because who has time to shave? Put together swag packs. Repaint nails. Read & comment on one story for class. Put off email for later and beg Playwright to run errands for me. (He graciously acquiesces.) We drive to the coffee shop/class because it’s so hot.

2-2:30pm: walk to coffee shop with The Playwright; try not to touch eyes because allergies are in full swing in DC – but the cherry blossoms & other blooming trees are really pretty!

2:30-2:45pm (I hope; depends on lines): post office & pick up prescriptions at CVS

2:45-3:30pm: at coffee shop; read stories for class & leave comments for students

4-5:30pm: teach writing workshop for awesome 8 year old girls through Writopia

(Yay! This happened according to schedule. These girls are so awesome. I love how talented they are – and how they’re not afraid to make mistakes or get it wrong yet. They’re inspiring!)

6-7:30pm: write at coffee shop; I’m on deadline for the first draft of Cahill Book 3

6-6:30pm: email two booksellers about possible June events & catch up on reader email

6:30-7:15 pm: edit the 2300 words I wrote last night

7:15-9pm: get takeout including a veggie wrap that at least, you know, includes vegetables. Play around on twitter & watch TV while eating.

8-10pm: dinner with The Playwright (he cooks!); possibly watch TV and play a board game; possibly throw self on floor and declare impossibility of finishing this book

9-10pm: make The Playwright read last night’s words. Brainstorm the next few scenes. Turn on Snow Patrol & lay down on couch to “think”

10-11pm: more email/blogs/twitter/etc as procrastination tool

11:45pm: wake up from “thinking” about book

11pm-4am (depending on how things go): write with intermittent twitter breaks

12:30pm: realize have been doing email/internet for another 45 minutes. Start writing.

4am (or 5 or 6, depending): bedtime

I know, my schedule is super-weird, right? My creativity is a vampire.

Also, takeaway from this? A supportive spouse is really a must.

4 thoughts on “A Typical Atypical Day

  1. Cool schedule! Wish I could do it . . . the quiet, dark night sounds really nice, but alas, I have a hubby who gets up for work at 6 a.m. and kids in the house!

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