You Know You’re a History Geek When…

…You jokingly reference historical events in conversation and wait for the laughs….


Yesss, I am brilliant. BRILLIANT AND CLEVER. I shall await your inevitable applause.

….and get nothing but crickets because no one got it.  FINE. I SHALL JUST CONTINUE TO GATHER SEA SHELLS AS SPOILS OF WAR.

No? Not that either? Sigh.

2. When you read an historical novel and there is a very clear research mistake that would have taken a simple Google search to fix and now it is glaring and keeps showing up and you can’t unnotice it.


No sympathies from me because I am Smartypants McSwagger and I am judging your book!

You occasionally wonder what you would be like, or how different you would be, if you were a lady in a different time period….


….And then you remember how much you, as a lady, really enjoy being able to lounge around in your pyjamas with Cheeto dust on your shirt. And that, if you gave zero shits on a particular day, could wear that while trudging into a liquor store. Not that I’ve ever done that, or anything.



About Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May resides in Edinburgh, Scotland where she can frequently be spotted skulking about dark wynds with a camera in hand. Her début novel THE FALCONER (2013) is set in a steampunk version of 19th-century Scotland, where a teen girl is the only human being alive who can stop the dark faeries threatening her life, her family, and her city.

5 thoughts on “You Know You’re a History Geek When…

  1. LOL, so true! I recall an instance where I was reading political cartoons from the 1900s and snorting with laughter over them, only to realize no one else would understand what was so funny!

  2. J says:

    I don’t own a pair of pajamas, but I have worn slippers to the liquor store.

  3. Nevey B. says:

    Perfect post 😉 .

  4. […] do you know when you’re a history geek?  Well, check out Elizabeth May’s brilliant post from Monday for starters.  You’re probably also on the geek side of normal if you can answer […]

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