The Cahill Witches Take on Social Media

After reading Sharon’s post about Edwardian communication, I started thinking about social media choices. How do we balance connection with fellow writers and readers with the space we need for our own work to thrive? Since I started writing seriously, I’ve become more of an introvert. A night out often means I need recovery time – not from cocktails, mind you, but from the hustle and bustle of being with people for hours, which drains my energy and doesn’t always leave enough left over for writing. Similarly, sometimes all the noise of social media can seem overwhelming.

But I get something from it. At least, I think I do. I love email – I find it easier to express myself in writing than in person, and I’ve developed friendships with several other writers this way. I like reading blogs, especially ones that deal with the creative life and trying to find that elusive work-life balance. I like twitter, love celebrating other writers’ milestones and talking books – though a few too many humblebrags or “I’ve got a secret but I can’t tell” tweets can sour my mood pretty quickly. Facebook I reserve mostly for interacting with old friends, seeing cute pictures of their kids, etc. I love Pinterest. It makes me feel the same way Real Simple or walking into Whole Foods does – aspirational, filled with the hope that one day I too will make the time to create all of these amazing crafts and recipes (unlikely, but I still hope). I will confess that I don’t really get Tumblr – I’m not hugely into gifs or invested enough in fandoms, I think? And scrolling scrolling scrolling for the content I really want (usually posts by authors I like) takes forever. I’d say I’m not visual enough to love it, but I do love Instagram. Cat pictures and new-book pictures and food and pretty scenery? I’m in.

My own preferences made me wonder about what Cate and the other Cahill girls would prefer. I think Cate would dig Pinterest. She could pin pictures of  flower arrangements and gardening ideas. For that matter, I bet she’d be totally into Instagramming pictures of her garden. I can see Maura mastering the passive-aggressive tweet – but also using twitter to mobilize other witches and girls like her. She and Elena would be into reading feminist blogs and follow pertinent tags on Tumblr. Tess would just be thrilled to pieces about the internet – all that information right at her fingertips! I bet she’d have a zillion wikis. And she’d love being able to email Papa Cahill and Clara Belastra and Mrs. O’Hare.

As for the other characters…wouldn’t Rory get into trouble with Instagram? Or Snapchat? I feel like she’d be really into selfies – perhaps of the R-rated variety. Sachi would love being able to shop online. Maybe she’d have a fashion blog where she and Rory show off their crazy outfits every day. I don’t see Mei being into social media much – she’s more of an introvert – but she’d love online gaming. If she had an iPhone, she’d be all over Words with Friends and Candy Crush. Rilla would have a more journalistic blog – detailing all the injustices she comes across  – and I fear she’d be an annoying Facebook friend, asking you to sign all the petitions. Also, my husband suggests that Brenna could use Vine to make creepy videos of her prophecies.

What about you? What social media do you think your main characters would enjoy most?

One thought on “The Cahill Witches Take on Social Media

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