On Our Nightstand #1

Hi! Today kicks off a brand-new Corsets, Cutlasses, & Candlesticks monthly feature in which we’re going to share what we’re reading. I don’t know about you, but I (Jess) am endlessly fascinated by what’s on other people’s nightstand (or Kindle, or next to the bathtub, etc).

forgive me leonardFrom J. Anderson Coats: I’m reading FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK by Matthew Quick, but only in small increments and in the daytime, because it’s so heartbreaking and hilarious and painful and real that it makes me simultaneously afraid to and desperate to turn the pages, and makes me want to hug my slightly dysfunctional teenage son every time I see him. I’m also reading RELIGION AND THE DECLINE OF MAGIC by Keith Thomas, particularly the sections on the practices and rituals of the medieval church that contributed to regular people’s understanding of the world around them.  The chapter on ghosts is fascinating as well.
tarnishFrom Sharon Biggs Waller:  I’m kind of odd in that I usually have three books going at once: one on my  Kindle, a “real” book, and a research/nonfiction read (ebook or book).  So right now I’m reading  FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell which is a YA contemporary.  I love Rainbow’s voice and I would pretty  much read anything she writes.  I’ve just started reading Katy Longshore’s TARNISH on my Kindle,  which is about Ann Boleyn as a teen.  I adore this second novel in her Tudor series and can’t wait for the  third to come out.  And my non-fiction read right now is HOW TO CLIMB MONT BLANC IN A SKIRT:  A HANDBOOK FOR THE LADY ADVENTURER by Mick Conefrey. This one is research for a work in  progress.
wednesday wars
From Susan Hill Long: I’m reading Gary D. Schmidt’s THE WEDNESDAY WARS. This Vietnam War era book is hilarious and touching and wise. 
sound of letting go From Katy Longshore: I’m reading THE SOUND OF LETTING GO by Stasia Ward  Kehoe. I love reading novels in verse because every word reverberates with meaning  and Stasia chooses hers so carefully and beautifully.  The story itself is one that grabs  your heart and squeezes–and doesn’t let go.
 moonglowFrom Elizabeth May: My read this week is MOONGLOW by Kristen Callihan, the second book in her  Darkest London series. It has werewolves and murder and one of my favourite female heroines in recent  memory. It is fabulous!
 From Jessica Spotswood: I just finished ever after highEVER AFTER HIGH by Shannon Hale. I love  fairy tale retellings, and this one – exploring Raven Queen’s unwillingness to sign the  Legacy Day pledge to be evil like her mother – is so much fun.
 ​From Cat Winters: I’m currently enjoying our own Susan Hill Long’s 1920s-era novel,   WHISTLE IN THE DARK. Young Clem’s struggles as he’s forced to work in the lead  mines with his pa are heartbreaking, entertaining, and inspirational.​
Whistle jkt legal
What about you, dear readers? What’s on YOUR nightstand?

2 thoughts on “On Our Nightstand #1

  1. Rachael Hodgson says:

    I’ve just finished Fleshmarket Close as my light(ish) read, but also have Margaret of Anjou: Queenship and Power in Medieval England by Helen Maurer. I’m also looking at a selection of the Paston letters.

  2. Great post, ladies! I’m currently reading “John Dee’s Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful Signs” by Gyorgy Y. Szonyi in preparation for an upcoming book! I love seeing what others are reading!

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