What We’re Reading

Hello again, readers! Today we’re going to continue our semi-regular feature “What We’re Reading,” where we all share the books we’re digging into this week.

Katherine Longshore is reading FIGHTING ON THE HOME FRONT: The Legacy of Women in World War One by Kate Adie.

fighting on the home frontShe says: “Having recently done so much research on women’s lives and women’s roles in England during the pre-war years, I was thrilled to find this account of how enormously those lives and roles changed when Britain went to war in 1914.  I love history written this way–including personal accounts, family stories, and the societal and labor repercussions that continued long after the war ended.  Perfect reading for Women’s History Month and the 100th anniversary of the start of the war.”


J. Anderson Coats is reading THE GIRLS WHO WENT AWAY by Ann Fessler.The Girls Who Went Away

She says: “[the book is] about the (often coerced) surrender of babies for adoption by unmarried pregnant teens and twentysomethings in the years before Roe vs. Wade. It’s almost dystopian, what was done to these girls in the name of propriety. It’s one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve read in a while.”



bo at ballard creekSusan Hill Long is reading BO AT BALLARD CREEK by Kirkpatrick Hill.

She says: “[the book was] the winner of the Scott O’Dell prize for historical fiction. Wonderful middle grade fare.”





Cat Winters is reading the 2009 bestseller PAPER TOWNS by John Green.paper towns

She says: “My fourteen-year daughter read it last week and said she loved it even more than Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, so the book shot to the top of my to-read list.”




what i thought was trueJessica Spotswood is reading an ARC of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE, out April 15.

She says: “It’s about a girl who’s grown up on a Nantucket-esque island, working for the rich summer crowd, a girl whose parents never left the island  – and the boy who broke her heart and is back slumming it as the yard boy this summer. I loved Huntley’s debut, MY LIFE NEXT DOOR, and this is similarly full of swoony romance and great characterization. She writes fantastic family relationships. Plus, I’m at the beach in NC this week on a writing retreat, so the setting is perfect!”


Laura Golden has two wonderful picks this week, starting with STORY by Robert McKee.story

She says: “brilliant book on plot/story structure that has been super helpful to me through this revision of my current WIP.”

don't feed the boyAnd DON’T FEED THE BOY by Irene Latham.

She says: “I started this lovely middle grade novel several months ago before I sold my next book and had to put it aside. I’m restarting it now. Irene writes fantastic books and I can’t wait to finish this one.” 


And Elizabeth May is digging into Joe Abercrombie’s BEST SERVED COLD.Abercrombie_Best-Serve13DD

She says: “This is my first Abercrombie read and I’m already smitten. BEST SERVED COLD is gritty and dark, with vivid, bloody combat scenes, dark humour, and unforgettable characters.”


About Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May resides in Edinburgh, Scotland where she can frequently be spotted skulking about dark wynds with a camera in hand. Her début novel THE FALCONER (2013) is set in a steampunk version of 19th-century Scotland, where a teen girl is the only human being alive who can stop the dark faeries threatening her life, her family, and her city.

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