What We’re Reading

Here’s a look at the what the Corsets & Cutlasses crew is reading this month:

boxersSusan Hill Long is reading Gene Luen Yang’s two companion graphic novels, BOXERS AND SAINTS. She says: Stunning work of historical fiction in the graphic novel form.  I met Gene last fall at Wordstock, Portland’s literary festival, and I so wish I’d already read Gene’s books and saved myself from saying,  “Uh, hi! I like your shirt!”

warped passagesJenn McGowan is reading WARPED PASSAGES: UNRAVELING THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE’S HIDDEN DIMENSIONS, by theoretical physicist Lisa Randall. She says: it’s basically a primer on the possibility of alternate dimensions, and I’ve been dying to get to it for weeks now. In addition I’m reading works of military romantic suspense. Because, you know. Those two go together. 🙂

the valley of amazementSharon Biggs Waller is reading Amy Tan’s latest novel, THE VALLEY OF AMAZEMENT It tells the story of a mother and daughter searching for their own identity in 1912 China. As usual, the book overflows with Tan’s beautiful language. I’m a huge fan, and anything she writes I just devour.

influenza and inequalityCat Winters is reading  INFLUENZA AND INEQUALITY: ONE TOWN’S TRAGIC RESPONSE TO THE GREAT EPIDEMIC OF 1918, by Patricia J. Fanning. I’m in the midst of finishing the first draft of my 2015 release, a 1918-set adult novel, and Fanning’s account of how prejudice affected health care during the lethal 1918 flu pandemic has been eye-opening and inspirational.

the chocolate warKatherine Longshore is reading THE CHOCOLATE WAR by Robert Cormier.  Between Andrew Smith’s references to it in GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE, and a recent SCBWI conference where it was mentioned more than once, I decided the universe was telling me it was time to pick it up.  I’ve only just started it, but I was instantly sucked in by the voice and the immediacy of it.

sex & violenceJ. Anderson Coats is reading THE WOODEN WORLD by N.A.M. Rodger, a ridiculously detailed study of the British Navy in the Georgian period. Also SEX AND VIOLENCE by Carrie Mesrobian, about hookup culture and masculinity and fear and self-loathing and recovery. Oddly, the two compliment each other and I’m loving them both.

open road summerJessica Spotswood is reading OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord, which has at its heart a really wonderful friendship between a country music superstar named Lilah Montgomery and her best friend, Reagan, who’s accompanying her on tour for the summer while she heals from some bad choices. Reagan is a great, prickly, not always likable, complex narrator!


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