EVERY DAY AFTER Paperback Release Celebration!

It’s here at last! EVERY DAY AFTER will officially release in paperback tomorrow. I can’t believe it has been an entire year since the hardcover debuted. It has been one heck of a journey. I’ve learned tons, met phenomenal people, and feel far more relaxed about my second book’s release (scheduled for sometime in 2015) than I did about EDA’s release. I’m grateful. That is all there is to say. So…for my official paperback release post, I’m going to give a wink to the relaxed me, let the serious go, and have a bit of fun.

I was born in 1980, and I admit to being partial to the 80’s. I love teased bangs, leg warmers, and acid-washed jeans. Oversized sweatshirts paired with tight leggings and chunky accessories. Films by John Hughes, music by New Kids on the Block, and books recommended by LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow. Though I’d rather not dwell on it, the decade is now considered historical, so I suppose that makes an 80’s-themed post relevant to this blog. Oh, my.

So let’s dive right in and have a flashback to the 1980’s! Do you remember…

the original Nintendo?

the original Nintendo?


blowing into the cartridges to help them work properly?

blowing into the cartridges to get them to work properly?


Trapper Keepers? How about the Lisa Frank variety?

Trapper Keepers? How about the Lisa Frank variety?



Care Bears? I loved Cheer Bear and Friend Bear. Who was your favorite?


dot matrix printers and paper?


The Charmings tv show? No one ever remembers this, but I loved it!


Alphie educational robot? I still remember changing his front cards and the sounds he made when he was “processing” my responses.


Pound Puppies?


any of these cassette tapes?


the Get-Along Gang? I kept three Get-Along Gang books that are currently sitting on my sons’ bookshelf. I kid you not.


Teddy Ruxpin? I even had a Teddy Ruxpin VHS tape that came with a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Hey, what’s not to love about that?

Atari? I remember playing Pac-Man and Pole Position. What about you?

Thundercats? Epic.

Thundercats? Epic.


He-Man Master of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power? Also epic.

He-Man Master of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power? Also epic.


I have oodles of memories I’d love to post, but I’ll stop here. I was young during the 80’s, and if you were born before 1980, I’m sure you remember completely different things. What are they? I want to know! Let’s reminisce together. 



Laura Golden is the author of EVERY DAY AFTER, a middle grade novel about a young girl learning to let go and find her own way amidst the trials of the Great Depression and STANDING TALL ON MULBERRY HILL, another middle grade about Klan uprisings and true friendship beyond color lines in 1949 Birmingham, AL. Find out more about Laura and her books by visiting her website or chatting with her on Twitter.






4 thoughts on “EVERY DAY AFTER Paperback Release Celebration!

  1. I was a kid in the 80s, too, Laura (slightly older, though)! I remember Chia Pets, Cabbage Patch dolls, The Breakfast Club (and Dirty Dancing!), Jolt Cola (all the sugar and twice the caffeine!) and Magnum P.I. Of course, I also remember the Falklands, the growing awareness of the AIDS epidemic, the Iran-Contra scandal and The Morning After…

    • Laura Golden says:

      Yes to all the pop culture icons, Katy! I also remember the growing awareness of the AIDS epidemic, though I was so young in the 80’s–9 and younger–that I don’t remember many of the decade’s significant historical events firsthand. The fall of the Berlin Wall for instance. I can’t remember that. I wish I could. 😦

  2. OK, telling me that you were born in 1980 makes me want to cry, because I started high school in September of 1980… So yeah, I remember all of these things very, very well. I remember the day we got cable TV and the day my friend Debbie got a Tandy computer that ran on basically a cassette tape. I remember MTV’s launch day and how I used to watch videos before school; it was when I fell in love with Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel. 🙂

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