Happy Birthday!

Whistle jkt legal

Today I’m celebrating two birthdays: my own, and my book’s! Whistle in the Dark is brand new in paperback this summer, and I’m looking forward to this year’s fresh new edition of me. Or whatever.

I love my summer birthday–as a kid, I often got to unwrap a new hardcover book. Here’s the inscription my sister painted inside her gift to me one year.



When Whistle in the Dark was published last fall, the Corsets, Cutlasses & Candlesticks team asked me all about it, and (following Katherine Longshore’s lead on the recent celebration of her new book, Courted) I’ll link to that excellent interview here.  The book enjoyed an exciting first year – appearing on Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2013, and Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Books, 2014, honors I share with many of my writer-friends and idols, and for which I’m truly grateful.

I hope you enjoy a season of summer reading: now that’s always something to celebrate.


Susan Hill Long grew up in New England, and lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two daughters. Her books for beginning readers have been published by Macmillan and HarperCollins, and her fiction has appeared in Hunger Mountain. She is the recipient of the Katherine Paterson Prize.





4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. gyannetti says:

    happy birthday to and the book you talked about

  2. I have a summer birthday too (June) and I always thought it was the best! 🙂

    The best part of summer was always reading. I’d get up read in the morning sun, then move to the shade when it got hot, spend the afternoon at the pool, then head home to read into the night. Our town library was a mile away, an easy walk, and I went often and came home with an armload of books. Although I don’t spend all day reading anymore in the summer (darn these adult responsibilities!), I still feel like I should!

  3. Fun post. Have a happy birthday, and congratulations on the paperback publication of “Whistle in the Dark.” It’s a fantastic book.

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