A Week in the Life of Jess

One of our suggested blog prompts was Daily Life for a Writer, but one of the things I find most fascinating (and occasionally frustrating!) is that I don’t have much of a daily routine. I don’t have children yet, and my husband is a playwright and an adjunct theatre professor who mostly works from home, so our schedules are pretty much of our own making. Here’s a sample of how I spent my last week:

– sent a writing friend a present for her book birthday
– packed up swag packs for #YASH winners and other misc packages while listening to First Draft Podcast
– post office trip
– lunch outside at a cafe – veggie chili in the nice fall weather!
– coffee shop to work on reader emails and a blog interview
– pick up prescription at drug store
– metro to friend’s house, hang out with her & her baby for an hour
– go with friend to her mom’s neighborhood book club to discuss SISTERS’ FATE

– went to Chestertown (my undergrad college town, where my husband’s teaching a class this semester)
– had lunch with husband
– visited former college prof that husband is now co-teaching class with!
– walked downtown and strolled around shops
– sat by river & read book for an hour
(What did I do that evening? I forgot to write it down & totally can’t remember…)

– finished reading a book for blurb & sent author & editor the blurb
– caught up on reader email
– read short story revision for PETTICOATS & PISTOLS anthology
– watched a lot of TV (GOTHAM, THE FLASH, THE ORIGINALS)

– taught writing workshop for teens
– did a 10p crit for MCS client
– answered some questions via Goodreads’ Ask an Author function
– studied some author newsletters in prep for doing mine
– emailed about Shut Up & Write Nov event planning
– listened to 2 First Draft podcasts while walking/commuting to class
– read crit ms for an hour 

FRI (semi-sick day)
– read crit ms for 4 hours
– saw a play about Marie Antoinette with husband
(What else did I do?? I didn’t take very good notes…)

SAT  (semi-sick day, sinus cold)
– napped a lot
– created Facebook event for Gettysburg Library visit in Nov
– went to see Tiny House plays (very cool)
– dinner & drinks with friends afterwards
– read for an hour

– made roasted tomato soup
– made butternut squash soup
– cleaned house a bit
– hosted a backyard fall get-together with friends

As you can see, this week was heavy on socializing and writerly miscellaneous. I’d intended to get lots of editing and critiquing done on Fri & Sat but was felled by a pounding sinus headache. In the first half of October I’ve been focused entirely on finishing PETTICOATS & PISTOLS edits for my authors and MCS paid critiques, before I switch back to working on a proposal of my own. When I’m drafting, I aim for 1000-1500 words a day, 5 days a week – and I tend to write a lot in the evenings, so I don’t go out quite as much – so if I posted one of these in two weeks, it might well look ENTIRELY different!

What about you? What does your writing life look like? Does it vary a lot from week to week?

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